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The Power of the Outbound Link

Modern Marketing: The Power of the Outbound Link

Determining the correct SEO and marketing strategies can be a bit difficult in this day and age. One of the most common “gray” areas centers around the use of outbound links. There are arguments both for and against their use and unfortunately, these strategies have often been associated with negative effects (1). This is much more of a myth than a reality. The fact of the matter is that outbound links have ALWAYS been used to boost SERP rankings and enhance SEO techniques. So why should marketers always employ these handy tools within their sites and what are some of the most profound benefits that they have to offer?


Added (and Scalable) Value

Even if you spend years developing a powerful website which offers turnkey solutions within your niche market, the simple fact is that you cannot be everything for everyone at the same time. To put it simply, some users will still not find what it is that they may be looking for. Quality outbound links can help to bridge this informational gap. Leveraging the power and sheer breadth of the online community will help to provide a better personal experience to the visitor. In other words, sites which offer relevant links to similar websites will be perceived better by the visitor. In turn, they can be prone to associate your portal with a higher level of quality. Let's also remember that tracking clickthrough rates and similar metrics is much easier if you include outbound links within your content.


Agreeable to Algorithms

We have all heard how Google is changing its ranking methods. Over time, these overlords have become much more discriminating in terms of how a website is perceived and as their algorithms become smarter, targeted keywords and a clean layout are no longer enough. Quality outbound links provide two major benefits (2):


  • They help Google to further understand the content of the page.

  • Quality links build a solid reputation and therefore, the page itself scores higher.


Low-quality sites tend to include spam-filled links and unsurprisingly, these portals will suffer in terms of exposure. It is likely that the algorithmic demands from Google will become even more stringent into the foreseeable future.


Linking Out and Linking In?

Whether or not we realize it, we are all part of a greater online community. One of the mistakes that can be made is to assume that outbound links offer a one-off effect and that this effect ends once the user navigates to the page in question. However, websites which provide reputable links to other portals also tend to enjoy a greater number of inbound links. This arises from the fact that third-party sites and content managers will appreciate that you are “spreading the word”. They are more likely to return the favor and feature your product or service on their page. This is perhaps where the term “link” came from; we are all parts of an ever-increasing virtual marketing chain.


Further Engagement

Finally, we need to appreciate that outbound links create opportunities for other professionals (such as bloggers, forum members, and social media experts) to visit and interact with your site. This can help to add a sense of reputability and once again, such engagement will further boost your rankings.

Of course, the term “quality” has been used in this article multiple times. It is only through transparent and trustworthy link-building techniques that you will enjoy such benefits. Much like any other marketing strategy, you get out what you initially put in!

Richard Tipsword
Markethive Developer



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6 Internet Marketing Oriented Must-Have Habits

6 Internet Marketing Oriented Must-Have Habits

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1) Make a Plan

A well thought out plan can lead digital marketers to their personal definition of success. Everyone has different goals and objectives, and a well thought out strategy is just the road you need to reach them. A marketer should never underestimate the power of budgeting, planning and organizing can have on their career. You must make sure that you strategy is well aligned with the needs of your clients and audience along with your own personal goals. Planning is a tactic that many digital marketers tend to ignore yet it is so vital to making sure you achieve the best possible outcome of your work.

2) Analyze, Fix, and Reiterate

Just because you’ve made a plan does not mean that you cannot change it. Once you have made your plan, you have to analyze how well it is working for you. Any tweaks you need to make should be implemented without straying away from your goals. Diminish time-consuming and costly activities with low outputs. No plan is perfect and there is always room for improvement. Make sure you utilize that space and keep updating your plan with possible enhancement.

3) Use the Right Tools

Using the right tools will not only help you save time and money but also your sanity. You need to find the right digital marketing tools to help bring traffic to you website, improve your conversion rate and help manage personal and corporate projects. Finding the right websites to do such tasks can be a little time-consuming but improvement in productivity will be worth every second.

4) Keep Learning

In the digital world, there is no room for stagnant skill sets. With advancements in technology coming up so often, you need to keep yourself updated before the competition takes advantage. You need to be up to date with all the latest digital marketing news. Read blogs religiously, scan twitter, attend industrial events and you can even invest in a digital marketing course. Being curious is the best thing a digital marketer could be.

5) Self-Motivate

Self-motivation is necessary for all digital marketers. You need to carve your own path and be passionate and enthusiastic enough about it to not get bored of it. Digital marketers need to be creative and quick and have to stay connected to the world. Motivation is of fundamental importance to them and cannot be compromised. You can do this by looking at your past success stories which might have earned you a better ranking.

6) Seek Help

Look for mentors, seniors or even colleagues that can help you out with any problem you have. Everyone has a blind spot that can be easily overcome by teamwork. A digital marketer should never be afraid to ask for help. You can ask for advice, feedback on your marketing styles and your writing techniques. Another person’s point of view will only help build up the strength of you marketing.