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Inbound Marketing Specialists: Providing SOLUTIONS is Your Business 

Inbound Marketing Specialists: Providing SOLUTIONS is Your Business 

“Always talk about SOLVING your customer's problems and NOT your own”.

So, your business is not about Sales nor Marketing (well, that’s not totally true but, play along for now) but, actually solutions.  Impossible, without them (sales & marketing) your business will evolve, arrive and remain for all eternity in the MLM Cemetery the final resting place for dead dealers (lovely ambiance).  Okay, since 2006, Inbound Marketing evolved and has proven to be the most cost-effective method of generating leads, traffic, connecting and developing a trustworthy business relationship between proprietor and prospect.  With the advent of rapid technological growth in business due to the Internet with   related software technology and personal devices that are social media oriented, consumer buying habits have changed dramatically and old outbound marketing methods are no longer effective.  To be successful in today’s marketing game it’s about researching and knowing how your audience “thinks”.  Recognize, today’s inbound marketing specialists as consumer behavioral analysts or more commonly known as profilers who analyze significant sums of data detailing past sales patterns and contact databases (surveys, interviews, etc.,) to uncover trends about how certain leads or customers find and consume your content.  It’s all psychology; therefore, to better influence anyone then, it starts with understanding their behavior through how they think.  It seems Jim Morrison (The Doors) was right when he said, “Whoever controls the media, controls the mind”.      

It's hard to believe; however, the success of any business has multiple essential components that must work together in a symbiotic relationship to provide good service to the customers and profit for the business.  One might say business is about relationship building between the owner customers.  This is a form of partnership or marriage; however, I strongly advise against signing a legal contract, while seeking intimacy with an entity that will result in lifetime vaginamoney and/or child-support…. this is called a WIN-WIN for everyone.

Well, the title of this article is true and the reason(s) is very SIMPLE.  Want to generate consistent, predictable and long-term residual income for any business?  Then, you better get real-good at providing a product and/or service that is designed to solve a problem.  People will always pay a fortune for a solution to a problem because it ensures long-term profits with less work over the course of time.  Sounds too sweet but, that’s the reality of business in today's online and off-line world of commerce.  So, the reason is clear and solution is logical; therefore, YOU are a Problem Solver.  Yes, you get paid and critical thinking and is your new oxygen. 

If, you think about it life is about solving problems. If, you recall those challenges back in school with math and how good you felt once you arrived at the correct answer.  Well, you are doing the same thing throughout your life and business is part of that journey.  Now, arriving at the correct answer is vital but, the Real Money is in developing a proven duplicative strategy that generates results.  This is how fortunes are made and secrets to success are guarded with the utmost of vigilance.

Alright, you now have the task of marketing your skills and knowledge to your desired target market and inform them, that you are here to help them.  Yes, HELP them and not yourself because you want to build a relationship that is both long-term and profitable for all parties involved…create the proverbial WIN-WIN.

So, how do you develop the skills, abilities and knowledge to demonstrate your credibility as a problem solver? Well, that process begins “the moment you decide to START a business and until that same business ENDS”. Now, most smart people just model themselves after a successful existing entrepreneur where you learn the basics of being a successful entrepreneur.  Yes, it's on the job training and the learning in truth, NEVER stops.  This is why successful business owners maintain the White Belt attitude in Martial Arts, “anyone can learn from anyone, regardless of experience”.  Makes sense to those who believe in customer satisfaction and success as a business owner. 

Now, as a problem solver it's important that you remain receptive to listening, learning and applying information to achieve a solution irrespective of personal feelings or beliefs.  This makes sense; however, like any challenge in life we all want to find the quickest, easiest and least expensive way of getting what we want due to our own narcissism.  Hey, it's only natural to want immediate self-gratification; however, that's our downfall because in the long-term we deny ourselves the opportunity to develop the needed skills/abilities to overcome challenges encountered in future business dealings.  It's about being Independent and creating a solution to challenges.  In doubt, just ask any Mindless automaton in Corporate American and difficulty of getting ahead.   "Don't find fault; find a remedy". — Henry Ford

Government is a perfect example of the antithesis of developing SOLUTIONS to problems.  If, you think logically about it government intervention addressing issues such as Crime, Unemployment, Poverty and other societal problems, the goal isn't truly about achieving an effective solution because that would eventually, lead to the elimination of their services.  In essence, government Profits from Problems; hence, intervention to address a non-existing problem isn't good for business of Govt Bureaucracy.  No, it's more about satisfying the more influential customer base (political donors) that impacts policy through their economic and political muscle.  Needless to say, charity begins at home and government is in no hurry to put itself out of business by actually implementing solutions to problems that actually work.

Evidence-Based research is all the rage in popular media; however, the caveat to it is the following: “Opinions don't affect facts, but FACTS should affect opinions, and do, if you're RATIONAL” …Ricky Gervais.

Well, being in the entrepreneurial spirit I invite you to review our information:

Vaurn James