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The Blogging Power of Markethive

Markethive.Video.PlayerThe Blogging Power of Markethive

The moment you join Markethive you have instant setup of your own “Viral Blog” ready for you to begin posting content and marketing your business, product, service, or even personal content. You’ll be up and running the moment you set up your account!

1. Multiple BLOG accounts (platforms)

You will have the ability to create many blog accounts (via groups), mix up different contributors and published multiple blog contents for multiple WordPress accounts. That has been specifically created to include powerfully effective sales psychology built into them. This will ensure you convert visitors to your site into PAYING customers at the highest levels.

This multiple blog capability can also create additional unique content to spread further into the Internet. With Groups your reach expands exponentially.

Individual friends and groups can be combined to create unique content that can easily be published to your WordPress, Joomla, blogger.com, etc. blogs with Markethive Widgets and Plug Ins.

With a group of 100 members, aside from the massive shared content, with a Group membership of 100 where we will assume each member has about 5000 social net friends and contacts in their respective Social accounts like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.

These are huge numbers as we estimate just the Social reach of 500,000 add to that each members back links via their social networks but assuming each member has 2-3 WordPress blogs the legitimate white hat back links occurring also reach astronomical numbers.

Now add to that a small coop to publish a real paid for Press release and you start to understand the startling advantage Markethive has just regarding Markethive’s blog platform and link manifestation.

2. Built in “Viral Broadcasting”

Other members of Markethive have the option to “follow” your blog(s) and options as to how. They can choose to be alerted in the social network alerts in their Markethive Dashboard

They can choose to have your post published to their Markethive News Feed.

They can choose to have your new posts broadcasted to their Facebook news feed(s) both their personal feed or their many Facebook pages.

They can choose to have your posts broadcasted to their Twitter feed.

They can choose to have your post published to their share an update on their LinkedIn account

They can choose to have your post broadcasted to their Markethive Blog (Groups or Personal)

This guarantees you get the most exposure from every post you make, and compels readers to quickly share your content with ease and excitement. This means even MORE traffic to your blog, and MORE potential for sales or exposure.

3. Advanced “Viral Commenting” System

Your blog comments will show up in real time and inspire even more “digital” conversations on your site. Remember, rave reviews, lively comments, and more helpful content are what people crave on your blog. There is NOTHING more powerful than the “social proof” coming from other people commenting on your blog, and we’ll help you to easily get LOTS of it every time you post.

Combined with the commenting system is the broadcasting ability as well. When commenting, you can also choose the option for your comment to push to your Markethive Newsfeed, Facebook, Twitter and LinkediN, includes the link back to your profile page and the blog.

4.SEO Tool

Keyword management for better search engine results.
Research and analysis tracking allows for continuous improvement.

When it comes to search engine optimization (SEO) campaigns, choosing the right keywords is the most important step. Selecting the wrong keywords will lead to bad results so it pays to learn how to perform a strategic keyword analysis so you pick the right ones. Generally speaking your goal is to identify keywords with:

A) The highest search volume possible.

B) The lowest competition.

C) Those that accurately relate to your business.

High search volumes and high competition often go together (but not always… look for sweet spots!) Typically you're looking for low competition keywords that still have good search volumes. So long as the keyword relates to the content on your website your "bounce rate" will be low and the traffic will stick.

The Keyword Analysis tool is designed to help you keep track of your research results as you perform your strategic analysis. There are a variety of external tools and systems that are helpful in evaluating keywords, however the statistics tracked by this system are found using Alexa and the Google Keyword Planner.

This will multiply how many people actually FIND your blog! (Marketers pay from hundreds, to thousands of dollars every month for this service—you get it for FREE!)

Peace of Mind For You!

You’ll never have to worry about installing anything, setting anything up, or “customizing” anything, unless you want to add your own header and company logo to your blog. We’ll handle all of the rest for you! Our skilled programmers work around the clock to ensure your blog is always viewable and available for your customers.


5. WordPress Plugins by Markethive

When we set out to build Markethive, we recognized WordPress to be the world leader in Blogging platforms. We will never dispute that nor attempt to overcome or replace WordPress.

Our goal is to make WordPress better with our blogging platform and CMS enhancements. Case in point is our WordPress (Markethive) plugin(s). We have several but this plugin is designed to import and manage your content you produce on Markethive into your one or multiple WordPress blog(s). Without Markethive, to manage a (blog cloud) portfolio of many WordPress on multiple domains with unique content on each of them for different agendas and markets, especially with a moderate to large team of content producers becomes a literal nightmare.

Why WordPress Is The Best Website Platform

There are many different ways of creating a website, you can purchase industry standard software like Dreamweaver and take courses to understand how to use it, or you can use content management software such as WordPress that allows you to quickly and easily get a website live within minutes. This is one of the many reasons why WordPress is the best website platform for beginners and professionals alike.

With WordPress, you are getting a system that takes minutes to install on your server, and then access to thousands of free and paid themes. Your website will look professional from the moment you start. Furthermore, there’s a wide range of plugins and widgets that can easily be applied to the site to make it more user friendly and interactive.

And the only skills you need are the ability to write, click the mouse button and add this stuff in. It really is easy to add content, it’s just like posting on a forum really, and has a very low learning curve. But, because of its flexibility, you can be as basic or advanced as you feel, and as you grow to learn more about it, so to will your site grow and utilize new concepts and designs being created for WordPress.

Here’s some other great aspects about the WordPress system:

WordPress is Open Source:

This means it is free, other people can easily create themes, plugins and so on for you to use with it, and it is completely flexible.

WordPress is Quick to Setup:

This means you can focus on having several websites and easily be able to maintain them all without having to create them all from scratch. This is particularly useful if you are getting into internet marketing for example. You can have many websites set up for different products you are selling.

WordPress Gives Multi User Functionality:

Are you a small business or organization that requires more than one person to add content to the site? Again, WordPress can help. It enables the site owner to set up users for them to post to the site. What’s more, certain privileges can be applied to these users so they only have access to posting content, and therefore not be able to mess around with the functional side of the site.

Website and Blog All-in-One:

Although WordPress is set up more as a blogging platform, it is still very easy to configure it to be a standalone site, with a blog attached. There are many plugins which make this even easier to do, and so any small business or organization can have a website and blog created in a couple of hours that looks great, and is ready to go.

Backing Up and Security:

WordPress is very easy to back up, and there are many secure plugins to choose from to make it more secure than it already is.

These are just a few of the most important reasons why WordPress is the best website platform, but there are many more. It’s major advantages are the low learning curve, and speed of having a site up and running. If you are a person who needs a website, but has little time and money to set one up, then WordPress is your friend. It’s a fantastic system used by millions of people across the globe.

6. MH Blog Swipe

Markethive blog system allows you to make your content available to the entire public population within Markethive, or Just to your friends or just to members in all the Groups you belong or a selection of them or just one (your choice) or private so no one can Swipe your blog.

Why? There are many sound reasons for this.

  • Curating: Content curation is the process of sorting through the vast amounts of content on the web and presenting it in a meaningful and organized way around a specific theme. The work involves sifting, sorting, arranging, and publishing information. Markethive offers features to it’s groups you create. Groups are platforms for blogging.Simple set up a Curating Group for yourself and Swipe the blogs in Markethive as a collection of content you may want to use in your publications.
  • Proofing: You may have a group of members that want to edit and rewrite your content. Trust me,this is an active phenomena in Markethive. Produce a blog and you will get many critiques so I just offer to them to swipe it, edit and change it as they see fit then let me know. If I like it, I swipe it back. Another option is to actually have a proof reader on staff and do the same procedure.
  • Cocktails: With Markethive’s ability (feature) to create unlimited Groups each with a different cocktail of content curated, aggregated or from multiple Group memberships, the options to produce unique content for unlimited WordPress blogs controlled from within Markethive is unlimited.
  • Then there is the learning curve. I have personally mentored newbie bloggers who just couldn’t or wouldn’t take the first step. In many a live webinar, I would quickly assemble a viable blog article, the instruct the students to Swipe my blog post, then in the webinar they would edit, alter, upload and download images, creating an altered blog result of their own.

    I have witnessed new bloggers after this type of training go from poorly and rarely produced blog posts, to 1-2 dynamic and excellent on topic blog posts daily. In other words, Markethive is now churning out a new breed of excellent and dynamic bloggers.

Website Widget

The widget can appear on your blogs, sites, social networks to promote a simple easy registration into the Markethive via your account, by passing your Profile page. Sets off your selection of autoresponders via the Authorized email of record, totally avoiding spam.

Markethive Blog platform

Markethive’s Inbound Marketing platform delivers a blogging system built for the beginner, sophisticated for the intermediate and an extremely powerful platform that advanced professional bloggers will appreciate. The system is designed for the easy development of a complete blog system, yet advanced and easily set up to be the engine that powers your WordPress blogs. The email system also creates subscribe accounts for your blogs and capture pages and simplifies the email notifications of a new blog publication via email, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Goggle+ and Markethive news feeds.

Easily grow your social reach into the millions! It’s that Powerful, It’s that  Simple, That’s Markethive.

Dominate with Inbound Marketing

Entrepreneurs always work hard to create an innovative product or service, but often count on standard seller marketing for sales. But the reality is that sellers are no longer in charge of the customer buying process. Recent reports suggest that 90% of today’s shoppers skip marketing pitches, to research online before they buy, and over 50% check user reviews before making a decision.

Markethive is the first and only social network integrated with a powerful intuitive inbound marketing (automated marketing) platform. Built for the entrepreneur, small business, and network marketers. Markethive is totally free and generates it's revenue through advertising like Facebook and Linkedin. Markethive even returns up to half the advertising revenue back to the subscribers that join the affiliate program.

If tools like email auto responders (better than Aweber), blog platforms (makes WordPress even better), press release co-ops (Real PR.org professional releases) capture page widgets (plug ins for WordPress, simpleleadcapture.com,etc., plugins and pages, broadcasting tools (like Hootsuit), live conference rooms (like GoToMeeting), traffic portals (like Veretekk had) and additional arrays of powerful tools, workshops and mentoring webinars, interest you, then you need this platform!

This is Inbound Marketing, This is Markethive. Easy! Powerful! Free!

Thomas Prendergast
CMO Markethive Inc.

One Way to Transform Your Blogs & Online Business Profile Into a Loyal Customer Base for Your Product

Glenn E. Fleming, MD, MPH, Contributor, MarketHive

Yes, the old days of outbound marketing are long gone but, unfortunately, many online businesses have yet to figure this out.   These misinformed entities are still using techniques to spam in the form of unsolicited phone calls, text messages, emails, letters in the mail, etc.  They have also been known to use blogging platforms as a means of spamming us with their marketing deals, parroting such phrases as “game changer,” “you must get on board now!” and others. 

What they fail to realize is that blogging platforms are not for spamming.  They are for attracting your potential clients/customers by gradually establishing rapport, trust, and authority with them.  Blogging also serves as a means to provide useful, relevant, and current content that pertains to your company’s product while also appealing to your potential target audience/clientele base.  What do I mean by this?

For example: You are a new small business and your product is tires.   Before you even begin to start marketing your product (in this case, tires), consider the following:

*Establish yourself with your potential customer base by making sure you can be easily found online

*Make sure your online professional profiles are congruent with you and your company’s mission

*Make sure you have a current, professional photograph that clearly shows your face

*Ensure that your certifications/credentials are highlighted   

* Consider blogging about your product and how it relates to your potential customer base.

 Potential blog topics include (using our above example of tires):

  • What is tire rotation and how often does it need to be done?
  • What is a “pot hole”? What causes them?  Why are they dangerous?  What to do if you hit a pothole?
  • Why is tire tread important?
  • What cities in the US are more prone to potholes and what can you do to decrease your risk of running over one? 
  • What is a “tire blowout”?  What causes them and how can you avoid them?
  • What is the range/average price of tires (used v. old) and how does your company stack up against other related companies?

Is it starting to become a bit clearer?  Remember, we are in a more data-driven era then ever before.  We all want to have as much information about each other as possible in order to establish rapport and trust.  We all need to be easily found online.  This includes having a current professional photo of yourself which should include your face.  We all need to have our credentials, education, certifications, etc easily discovered in order to establish credibility.  We need to inform our potential clients/audience/customers on what it is that we “do” while providing useful, relevant content to these potential customers through use of social media (blogging, blog-sharing, blog-casting, virtual conference rooms, marketing campaigns to name a few).

Change is hard but if you identify yourself as an entrepreneur, then it is absolutely imperative that you fully comprehend the concept of inbound marketing.  This methodology will increase your online credibility and your online authority while strengthening your rapport with potential clients/customers, etc.  This will significantly increase the chance that your target audience will trust you and what you have to say.  

Ultimately, the assumption is that you will build a loyal customer base and if your product is really great, then they will keep coming back for more and they will tell their friends, colleagues, etc about it.  Because you took the time to establish credibility and online authority through implementation of the above, you will have accomplished two things:  positive word-of-mouth references from your loyal customers (more subjective) and a legitimate “place” for those who do not yet know you or your business well to easily find you to verify the information (more objective).

How to Build a Blog Audience

Everyone is looking for information online today.  There is an almost insatiable need for information that blogging can help to satisfy.  You will gain much greater exposure by adding a blog to your IBOToolbox promotional efforts. 

Optimizing your blog posts for search can do two things: 

  1. Creates information that your target market is looking for. 
  2. It feeds the search engines with content that can be ranked to that it can be offered to your audience.  

Whatever promotional efforts you undertake, always remember the reader.  Without knowing all of the complex aspects of SEO – (Search Engine Optimization), when your efforts are designed with the reader in mind, you will be following the Google guidelines and help your information to be found on the search engines.  .

There are some important guidelines to follow in helping your blog posts to rank. 

Step 1 – Keyword Research 

In order to find words your target market may use to find information, use the following sources to check monthly traffic volume.   Who wants to write content that no one is searching for, right?

Google Adwords Keyword Tool

Google Trends




Google each of these companies and you will find sites that offer both a free version, and in come cases, a paid version of their keyword research tools.  Note:  Google's tools are free, you just need to sign up for an account.

Instead of targeting a single keyword, try to use a variety of related keywords in a natural way as you write your post.  

An example might be writing a post for the keyword phrase “chocolate”.

You might want to include phrases such as:

gormet chocolate, milk chocolate, dark chocolate, chocolate desserts, chocolate bars. chocolate milk, chocolate cake, etc. 

Step 2 – Blog Post Title

It could be argued that the title is the most important piece of information your blog.  This is the short snippet of information that will appear on the search engine results page.

If your content is appealing, but your post title is mediocre, chances are no one will ever see your content. If your blog post title is highly attractive, but your content is weak, the may click on the link to your post, but not read your post.

You need to sort of tease your reader to be interested enough to click on the post title to see more, such as the following examples.


10 Secret Recipes from the Kitchens of Chocolatiers

Mouthwatering Chocolate Desserts for Special Occaisons

5 chocolate recipies you will not be able to live without


Each of these titles uses a formula known for getting clicks, uses the keyword phrase, (or a variation, like Chocolatier). 

Types of posts that attract clicks are:

  • Questions
  • Lists
  • How-to
  • Secrets
  • Mistakes

Here are a few additional rules:

  • Keep it less than 65 characters
  • Use the focus keyword only once
  • Don’t stuff it with keywords

Keep titles in a natural, highly readable format.

Step 3 – Choose the name of the post file – the URL

Here are some theories about this. 

One says you should use the complete title in lower case, with hyphens in between each word, like this.


That will work well.  

The other idea is to keep url's as short as possible, like this.


Both are valid, but remember you want to reader to understand at a glance what your blog post is about., not what the search engines are looking for.  

A few more recommendation for blog URLs:

  • Do not use the date
  • Be careful not to duplicate url's
  • Use dashes, not underscores
  • Use all lowercase letters instead of mixed upper and lower case

Step 4 – Description

If you are creating blog post on a WordPress blog, the meta description is important because the search engines will see it even if your readers do not. 

When writing your descriptions you want to provide a summary of what your post is about.  Use the targetd keyword phrase.

Keep it under 160 characters. Don’t stuff with keywords. Write it as an introduction to your post.  


Step 5 Headings

It’s a simple thing, but it is easy to overlook formatting. 

Books have chapters because they help to break up the content in segments and make it easier to read. It also helps in Search Engine Optimization.  

Step 6 Internal Linking

Internal links help market your blog and make more interesting by linking to additional related content. 

This provides a next step for the reader.  They spend more time on your site.  You can also provide links to related content not on your own site.  Readers benefit and search engine's like that as well.  


John Lombaerde – Goldfinch Digital Publishing


IBO Toolbox Ideal for Teaching Kids Entrepreneurship

IBO Toolbox Ideal for Teaching Kids Entrepreneurship

“Lock the bloody door and don't let them back into the house”.  “Wait a minute”, before you tell them to “hit the bricks”, ensure they don't come back to your home with their kids.  How you ask?  Simple, start when they’re young and introduce them to entrepreneurship so when they hit 18-years old their college fund is already secured and when they receive their sheepskin at graduation then, you can lovingly say, “you owe me 20-years back rent Mr./Ms. Mooch-a-meal”.  Okay, the idea is to teach your kids how to generate consistent, predictable and long-term residual income through their own ideas, while avoiding the old trap known as a J-O-B.  In fact, those J-O-Bs are gradually and increasingly being phased out through automation and other technological advancements; therefore, people have to become innovative to survive and adjust to the changing digital economy or become another victim of Economic Darwinism.  Welcome to Brave New World and both the novel and author were accurate.    

Traditionally families have been sending their children to university because of their belief in education and more importantly, post-secondary education teaches young people how to be financially self-sufficient.  Unfortunately, higher education and its costs continue to escalate beyond the reach of the middle-class and those on the lower tier of the socioeconomic ladder.  So, what options do parents have to give their children a better quality of life?  Well, in a global economy that is based on information/knowledge designed to make things more efficient and most importantly, profitable for companies I suggest entrepreneurship/home business as the solution to the problem.  Knowledge is P-O-W-E-R but, applied knowledge is P-R-O-F-I-T-A-B-L-E because a Solution to a problem generates a high monetized value for those who successfully provide an answer to a problem.

So, mummy and daddy as home business owners who are also, IBO Toolbox associates it’s only appropriate you start teaching the kids the “family business” because they are a long-term investment and you want to get your money’s worth.  Now, the great thing about the IBO Toolbox marketing platform is that it contains an arsenal of tools and resources that make marketing easy and more importantly, affordable for the family budget.  So let’s begin with a review of tools that the kids need to learn and can use without thinking:

IBO social is your social network for the IBO community to connect with each other and provide quality content and information to each other.

IBO Tube you can post up your latest videos and use them in your marketing campaigns.

IBO Search is your mini search engine designed to find other IBO members

IBOGiggs is your Micro Job Site specifically built for Internet Marketers.

IBOPR use this tool to publish IBO toolbox Press Releases (business blogs).

IBO Business Links is your platform to place business links (blacklining)

IBO Tweets is our platform to tweet other members

IBO Banners is our robust banners platform.

IBO Social with Google AdWords is your pay-per-click service for keyword advertising  

IBO Exchange is the #1 way to increase social networking presence.

IBO List is your modern classified ad platform.

IBOURL is your link shortner

IBO Dominator is automated software that allows you post ads, friend requests, send message and much more.

Image result for free entrepreneur image

Oh yes, I forgot to mention that all aforementioned IBO portals are linked and indexed by Google. Do you now see why the traffic easily surpasses numbers in excess over 100,000 visitors per/day.  With all this activity you and your family cannot miss this ideal opportunity to both earn and learn on this new form of both education and ecommerce.  Additionally, to better enhance your children’s chances for entrepreneurial success is to create a culture that instills important lessons that are required for upcoming entrepreneurial challenges they will face such as the following:

Financial Literacy, money is a science and something the schools don’t teach nor encouraged by government because both institutions want your child to be a worker not an owner.

Self-Discipline/Drive, consistent hard work (positive work ethic) is a vital quality for success and instilling this quality into your child is core to developing a Millionaire Mindset and not Poverty Mindset.

Teamwork, teaching your child cooperation with others is an essential component of their development in pursuing their goal of success.

Failure is part of the learning process despite feeling defeated and this mindset is part of your child’s ingredient to future success.

Innovation & Creativity, encourage your child to explore, question, create and solve questions that occupy their mind and seek resolution to their problem.

Self Confidence, believing in yourself is critical to overcoming challenges throughout life, which is best instilled in your child at an early child for obvious reasons.

Chores are Old School but, critical life lessons in teaching your child that work and reward are intimate partners.

Google, the world’s largest search engine has limited resources for teaching the young how to be successful….forget the IPhone then again, the kid may have an idea for a new app.

It’s all about providing solutions to problems.  Increase your knowledge and skills with your current IBO home business opportunity that provides you the essential tools, training, traffic and collateral resources to operate a successful home business.  I invite you to examine our information and eliminate any self-destructive conduct that would impede your growth and ability to guide your child into the world of entrepreneurship at Markethive

Vaurn James



How to Better Market Your Business Online

Glenn E. Fleming, MD, MPH, Contributor, MarketHive

We keep hearing about the importance of understanding the concept of inbound marketing and how the old days of utilizing outbound marketing techniques have become obsolete.  Everyday I am beginning to realize just how critically important inbound marketing really is.  In hindsight, I’ve been utilizing a form of this technique for quite some time now as a young physician still at the beginning of my healthcare career.

No potential client wants to feel like you [the company] didn’t taken the time to research who the client really is, what the client really wants, and what the client is looking for.  It is your responsibility as the “CEO” of your “company” to do your “due diligence” by first understanding what the goals of your company are.

Furthermore, people need to know who you are and what “certifies” you as an individual knowledgeable about whatever topic or product you are selling.  This comes from a complete, professional profile page with a current photo of yourself, which includes your face.  Think LinkedIn as a great example of what your company profile page (or individual profile page) should look like.  It should also include educational background and certifications so that your audience has tangible evidence that you are knowledgeable in your field.

Once you understand the mission or goal(s) of your company (or yourself), then it’s time to determine who your potential clients are.  Who or what are you selling?  Who or what will be interested in your product (or you)?

Next, you will need to strategically figure out a way to “speak” to your targeted audience (i.e., your potential clients/customers).  In theory, this should attract a growing audience/client base by providing them with useful, relevant, and specific information that is germane to whatever it is you are selling.   Blogging is one way to accomplish this task.  Using this method will attract your targeted audience/client base because you are providing useful, relevant, and helpful information to them in your blogs.

Once you have completed the above, you will realize that it’ll be a lot easier to market your products because you have established credibility through your professional profile page, which should include a current professional photo of yourself/company along with all relevant education/certifications.  You will have provided useful, relevant content to your targeted audience and they are beginning to trust you because the information you are providing is deemed helpful to them.  Because you are sharing your blogs over multiple social media platforms, your clients can easily find you online and any questions they may have about your credibility can be [for the most part] easily answered through a general online search of you and your company.

Finally, you may be able to acquire a small sample of individuals willing to try your product for free (or for a small fee).  The key here is having those few individuals who have agreed to try your product show the rest of your target audience how well your product works.  Social media can be a huge strategy for getting the word out about how well your product works on an impartial individual who has no direct interest in your company.

For example: You (or your company) are selling a skin cream that you believe will help with wrinkles and dry skin.  Utilizing the above recommendations, this should give you and your company more credibility, visibility, and trust among your potential clients/customers:

1) Due Diligence for you and your company

-What are the goals/mission of your company?

-Who are you or your company?

-What do you [or your company] look like?
-Do you have a completed LinkedIn profile for yourself and/or your company (updated professional photo,

educational background, certifications, etc)?

2) Due Diligence for your targeted audience/clients

-Who are you marketing to (demographical information)?

  –>Example: Women of all ethnicities and sexual preferences who are between the ages of 35 and 50 who are    single and live in the Los Angeles area

-What are you trying to sell them?

   –> Skin cream that makes them look younger

3) Start speaking to your target audience

-Create blogs that are specific to your target audience

–>Potential blog topics: What causes dry or wrinkly skin?  At what age does our skin begin to wrinkle?  Are there any differences in skin aging between men & women; or among the different races/ethnicities?  Why?  How?

  -Create surveys or polls to get an idea of how many women (or men) have issues with dry skin/premature wrinkling,     etc

               -Eventually start creating campaigns showing the success of your product by those who have no interest in your                       company’s bottom-line

Please note that these recommendations are not by any means all-inclusive but it is a start in the right direction.

Think like a customer.  Would you want to make a significant purchase from someone or some company that you know nothing about?  Would you go see a physician who you know nothing about (at least with regard to qualifications/certifications)?  Would you plan to have an elective procedure at a hospital or healthcare facility that you know nothing about?

What additional tips would you suggest to better market one’s self or business?

Your comments are always encouraged.