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IBO Toolbox Ideal for Teaching Kids Entrepreneurship

IBO Toolbox Ideal for Teaching Kids Entrepreneurship

“Lock the bloody door and don't let them back into the house”.  “Wait a minute”, before you tell them to “hit the bricks”, ensure they don't come back to your home with their kids.  How you ask?  Simple, start when they’re young and introduce them to entrepreneurship so when they hit 18-years old their college fund is already secured and when they receive their sheepskin at graduation then, you can lovingly say, “you owe me 20-years back rent Mr./Ms. Mooch-a-meal”.  Okay, the idea is to teach your kids how to generate consistent, predictable and long-term residual income through their own ideas, while avoiding the old trap known as a J-O-B.  In fact, those J-O-Bs are gradually and increasingly being phased out through automation and other technological advancements; therefore, people have to become innovative to survive and adjust to the changing digital economy or become another victim of Economic Darwinism.  Welcome to Brave New World and both the novel and author were accurate.    

Traditionally families have been sending their children to university because of their belief in education and more importantly, post-secondary education teaches young people how to be financially self-sufficient.  Unfortunately, higher education and its costs continue to escalate beyond the reach of the middle-class and those on the lower tier of the socioeconomic ladder.  So, what options do parents have to give their children a better quality of life?  Well, in a global economy that is based on information/knowledge designed to make things more efficient and most importantly, profitable for companies I suggest entrepreneurship/home business as the solution to the problem.  Knowledge is P-O-W-E-R but, applied knowledge is P-R-O-F-I-T-A-B-L-E because a Solution to a problem generates a high monetized value for those who successfully provide an answer to a problem.

So, mummy and daddy as home business owners who are also, IBO Toolbox associates it’s only appropriate you start teaching the kids the “family business” because they are a long-term investment and you want to get your money’s worth.  Now, the great thing about the IBO Toolbox marketing platform is that it contains an arsenal of tools and resources that make marketing easy and more importantly, affordable for the family budget.  So let’s begin with a review of tools that the kids need to learn and can use without thinking:

IBO social is your social network for the IBO community to connect with each other and provide quality content and information to each other.

IBO Tube you can post up your latest videos and use them in your marketing campaigns.

IBO Search is your mini search engine designed to find other IBO members

IBOGiggs is your Micro Job Site specifically built for Internet Marketers.

IBOPR use this tool to publish IBO toolbox Press Releases (business blogs).

IBO Business Links is your platform to place business links (blacklining)

IBO Tweets is our platform to tweet other members

IBO Banners is our robust banners platform.

IBO Social with Google AdWords is your pay-per-click service for keyword advertising  

IBO Exchange is the #1 way to increase social networking presence.

IBO List is your modern classified ad platform.

IBOURL is your link shortner

IBO Dominator is automated software that allows you post ads, friend requests, send message and much more.

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Oh yes, I forgot to mention that all aforementioned IBO portals are linked and indexed by Google. Do you now see why the traffic easily surpasses numbers in excess over 100,000 visitors per/day.  With all this activity you and your family cannot miss this ideal opportunity to both earn and learn on this new form of both education and ecommerce.  Additionally, to better enhance your children’s chances for entrepreneurial success is to create a culture that instills important lessons that are required for upcoming entrepreneurial challenges they will face such as the following:

Financial Literacy, money is a science and something the schools don’t teach nor encouraged by government because both institutions want your child to be a worker not an owner.

Self-Discipline/Drive, consistent hard work (positive work ethic) is a vital quality for success and instilling this quality into your child is core to developing a Millionaire Mindset and not Poverty Mindset.

Teamwork, teaching your child cooperation with others is an essential component of their development in pursuing their goal of success.

Failure is part of the learning process despite feeling defeated and this mindset is part of your child’s ingredient to future success.

Innovation & Creativity, encourage your child to explore, question, create and solve questions that occupy their mind and seek resolution to their problem.

Self Confidence, believing in yourself is critical to overcoming challenges throughout life, which is best instilled in your child at an early child for obvious reasons.

Chores are Old School but, critical life lessons in teaching your child that work and reward are intimate partners.

Google, the world’s largest search engine has limited resources for teaching the young how to be successful….forget the IPhone then again, the kid may have an idea for a new app.

It’s all about providing solutions to problems.  Increase your knowledge and skills with your current IBO home business opportunity that provides you the essential tools, training, traffic and collateral resources to operate a successful home business.  I invite you to examine our information and eliminate any self-destructive conduct that would impede your growth and ability to guide your child into the world of entrepreneurship at Markethive

Vaurn James