IBOToolBox Dominator Software Review

I have been given the task of reviewing a piece of software, mainly due to my technical skills and the fact that I am a software developer myself .. for over 30 years .. wow .. scary stuff when I actually write it down.

So here goes …..


ibo dominator review

The company behind this makes various claims that the software will save you time.

It does this by automating various tasks to grow and develop relationships (or associates as they are called) within the IBOTOOLBOX community.

However, there are some major issues with the software, which I will expand upon.

IBOToolbox is one of the most popular social sites for network marketers and home business owners.

The platform offers a variety of ways for network marketers to promote and grow their online businesses.

One of the best ways to leverage IBOToolbox, is to use it as a long-term relationship building platform to drive traffic to your content.


ibo dominator review

1. Finding new associates
2. Responding to new associate requests from others
3. Replying to messages
4. Posting to the wall
5. Sending messages

As you see the list above indicates that there is all the normal functions that would help you grow your network.

There are some issues though, the main one is that for each task you want to do, it first makes sure you are logged out and then logs you back in.

This is pretty stupid in my opinion … this procedure done each time you want to perform one of those tasks is setting you up to be terminated. No real person would do that and is therefore not mimicking a real user … the systems at IBO would easily spot this and often do … AND RESULTS IN ACCOUNT SUSPENSION

The delay between messages being sent or wall posts made is also a recipe for disaster … allow 2 or 5 minutes between each one is also guaranteed to have your ACCOUNT SUSPENDED

The software shows the browser session within the applications window. The response time when navigating around is extremely slow.


I would not recommend buying this product … not unless you want your ACCOUNT SUSPENDED.

Stephen Hodgkiss

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