#1 Reason Why People Join Network Marketing

#1 Reason People Join Network Marketing

# 1 Reason People Join Network Marketing.

The number one reason is not because of the product, not because of the company, and not because they woke up that morning and said "I'm going to join a Network Marketing Company today." The Number One reason is YOU! What is your responsibility in this picture? What is your responsibility in order to help your new distributor grow a six figure annual income?

You are the reason for your distributors success. If you want to grow a six figure per year income you must know how to attract new people to your team. You're team members are buying you not the company. Many times network marketers do not take this part seriously and after a brief period the new distributor quits.

Why did they quit? Because you didn't build that relationship and were out looking for the next distributor. The responsibility is huge and must always be in the mind of the team builder. I'll say it again, "People don't join network marketing for products [although that helps],  or the company, they join because of you". You must build the relationship and appreciate the person whether they join your business or not. I know many network marketers who love you when they get income from you, and will not have anything to do with you when they don't. Don't be one of these! People who join you, do it for a reason.

They are looking for your many assets that they saw in you;

  • Your enthusiasm
  • Your passion
  • Your skill
  • Your ability to lead
  • Product knowledge

If you are new to network marketing, others will not know what you don't know unless you tell them, but will look to you to lead them to wealth and happiness. If you can't do it, get your sponsor to do it. if you are in a network marketing company and your sponsor has quit, keep reaching up and find someone who knows what to do. They will help you! You should use your sponsor for at least 90 days when you join a company in order to learn what to do and not to do.

Years ago people served apprenticeships to learn before they were able to fly solo. This is no different, you have to learn so you can be good at it. Network Marketing is like any other profession you must learn it to be good at it. Take the time to learn!

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Build the Relationship

Don't woo your potential distributor to join in the first meeting, it's like dating and expecting to have sex on the first date. if you are successful on the first date you know what type of person you will end up with.  if you barf information all over them right away they will not respect you. Build the relationship and make sure that your prospect is right for the company. To many times people are persuaded to join a company and they end up being duds. If you have a team that is doing nothing you will not make any money, it's a simple fact.

Create a mechanism to deliver information about your company over time. I think the internet term is DRIP information to the potential team member and let them get comfortable with it. Build the relationship and drip information at the same time and you will end up with a good team member but if you rush it you will end up with a person who is not happy. Believe me there are many unhappy people that have been worked over by the network marketing business model and don't trust it. Please don't create more of them.


In Conclusion, make sure you nurture your prospect and build that relationship. While building the relationship make sure that you school them in the company, products, and the network marketing business model and teach them how to do the same with their prospects. To make a six figure income you must present your company to 1 person per day, which is 365 people per year, which will give you ample amounts of people you are exposing to your team and business. Anything short of this will not work.

Thanks for reading,
Dr. Raymond Jewell




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